Windows systems and network management

  • October 02, 2001 02 Oct'01

    Dos and don'ts to removing Active Directory migration obstacles

    Active Directory migration is a complicated and delicate matter. To help present and future project teams avoid common migration problems, Keith Millar, director of Microsoft Solutions product management for Irvine, CA-based Quest Software, offered ...

  • August 23, 2001 23 Aug'01

    Demystifying DNS

    What in the world is DNS and what does it mean to you? Alphabet soup is common in high-tech pursuits, but it seems that in the world of Internet protocols the acronym for Domain Name Service generates a large measure of attention. DNS is a service ...

  • June 27, 2001 27 Jun'01

    Quest puts Spotlight on Windows management

    Quest Software got into the Windows management solutions business in a big way last summer, buying FastLane Technologies, a market leader in that arena. In this exclusive Q&A, Quest executives describe the new products born of that union.

  • June 27, 2001 27 Jun'01

    Active Directory meets Solaris

    SearchWin2000 and an IT analyst join hands, light some candles, and peer into the Solaris crystal ball. What we see is an operating system that needs a Microsoft makeover to stay attractive.

  • April 16, 2001 16 Apr'01

    Quick Takes: Entrust you trust?