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FAQ: Desktop Administration

Got a question for Desktop Administration experts Jerry Honeycutt or Serdar Yegulalp? Check the Desktop Administration FAQ first to see if they already answered your question.

FAQ EXPERTS: Jerry Honeycutt is a best-selling author, speaker and columnist, and has a long history of providing technical leadership to business. He specializes in desktop deployment and management and has toured cities throughout the world teaching IT professionals how to deploy the business desktop. He is a frequent speaker at assorted industry events, including COMDEX, Developer Days, Microsoft Exchange Conference, and Microsoft Global Briefing and has authored over 25 books, among them Windows 2000 Professional (New Riders, 2000), Microsoft Windows 2000 Registry Handbook (Macmillan, 2000) and Introducing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (Microsoft Press, 1999).

Serdar Yegulalp wrote for Windows Magazine from 1994 through 2001, covering a wide range of technology topics. He now uses his expertise in Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP as publisher of The Windows 2000 Power Users Newsletter and writes technology columns for TechTarget.

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Frequently Asked Questions: DESKTOP ADMINISTRATION

    Jerry Honeycutt:

  1. How can I hide desktop folders and icons?
  2. How can I lock down a user's laptop so he can't connect to another LAN?
  3. Getting 'can't log on locally' error on Windows 2000 machine
  4. Can my PC join more than one domain without reconfiguring each time?
  5. Problems trying to reinstall Win XP Pro
  6. How can I reduce the size of user profiles?
  7. How do I remove programs from the Start Up menu?
  8. Is there a tool that shows how much disk space clients are using?

    Serdar Yegulalp:

  1. Can't find former admin's password for Win 2000
  2. Can I give a client temporary local admin rights?
  3. How can I load software under admin but give different users access rights?
  4. Client can't get Outlook 2000 to work
  5. Having problems trying to format my C: Drive
  6. How can I remove the boot-up menu on Windows 2000?
  7. How do I remotely access a Windows 2000 desktop?
  8. How can I recover a lost password on Win XP Pro?

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