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Tips for creating strong network user IDs

Get best practices for creating a strong network user ID in this featured ITKnowledge Exchange discussion.

The following is the ITKnowledge Exchange Tip of the Week for Sept. 27, 2004.


"GPHdo6" of Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield writes:
What should a network user ID look like for strong security? I don't believe it should contain any part of the user's legal name. Agree? So what do you use to create a user ID? Should users be able to change their user IDs?


  • "SALOMON" writes: One of the best practices is to use Tokens (hardware).
  • "ITAudit" writes: Try the user company number.
  • "PankajAnand" writes: One option is user employee number. You can also add user company ID or some letter to the employee number (e.g. A123456, where A can be company specific and prefixes user employee number 123456). The user should never be able to change user ID. It should be consistent across the organization.
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