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Into Active Directory scripting? Get to know Joe

The online home of a Microsoft MVP for Active Directory offers some free tools that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them.

One of the nicest things about the Windows community is that there are so many talented folks who are willing to offer code, scripts and tips free of charge to people who need them. I must admit that I'm not the script-savviest person. (Yes, I know, I should be. I'm working on it.) But whenever I find a problem that makes me

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say, "Gee, I wish there were a way to automate this ..." chances are that a guy named Joe has written it. is the online home of a Microsoft MVP for Active Directory who has made several free tools available for download. Some of them, you'll wonder how you ever did without.

A few of my favorites:

  • Unlock -- This will not only unlock all user accounts in an AD domain, but list them for you as well. And instead of the horribly convoluted VBScript syntax I'd been living with, this is as simple as unlock .* and you're done.
  • OldCmp -- Find old and unused user and computer accounts in your AD environment so that you can disable and delete them. This tool has quite a few safety features in it so that you don't inadvertently blow away half of your computer accounts.
  • MemberOf -- Enumerates the group membership (including nested groups) of the current user, or the user you specify. Great for login scripts.
  • ExchMbx -- A command-line Exchange Swiss army knife for common Exchange tasks like mail-enabling or disabling an AD user, contact or group, as well as moving mailboxes.

These are just a sampling; there are plenty more. If you're working on getting more familiar with AD scripting -- or just don't want to reinvent the wheel by writing something yourself when someone else has already done it -- take my advice: Get to know Joe. You'll be glad you did.

Laura E. Hunter is a Microsoft MVP and site expert.

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