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Expert profile: Bernie Klinder

You know Bernie Klinder as the guy who has the answers to your OS woes. But did you know that he is also a wildlife photographer? While he is the founder and former editor of, he has myriad interests. Learn more about what makes Bernie tick from this profile.

How long have you been an IT professional/worked in the IT industry?
Since 1997, I've been a consultant for a number of Fortune 500 companies in the Northeast Ohio area. What is your proudest IT accomplishment?
Being selected by Microsoft as an MVP. What is it about your profession that you enjoy most?
Building solutions for real-world problems. I love leveraging technology to improve business functions and make things runs more efficiently. In one case, I re-engineered a VPN solution that saved a company $40,000 a month in direct costs. Is there something in your career that particularly frustrates you when it comes to technology? Do you have a pet peeve?
I have a love/hate relationship with the speed at which technology changes. I love learning new things and exploring new areas of IT. However, by the time you become a real expert on a product, the product evolves (or is replaced entirely) and you need to relearn it. If you could tell us one thing about yourself that you would like our readers to know about you in your role as a site Expert, what would it be?
I enjoy solving problems and puzzles, and often go to great lengths to find an answer. If I get a problem that I don't know the answer to, it will bug me until I find it. What is your favorite pastime?
Reading. I typically read four or five books at a time, often a chapter per day per book, on a wide variety of topics. I rarely read fiction. My typical reading list includes one to two Windows-related technical books, a business book, a biography and a history book. In addition, I listen to audio books in my car and carry an MP3 player that holds several audio books as well. What are your hobbies?
Photography, specifically wildlife photography. You get all of the thrill of hunting without the work. Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know about you?
When I started, I never imagined the impact the site would have. I simply created the site I wanted to find, and figured that other Windows administrators may find the information and format useful as well. As the site grew, suggestions poured in as well as technical questions. At first, most of the feedback I received came from the U.S. and Europe. When I looked at the DNS logs, I noticed visitors from Mongolia, Africa, Indonesia and other parts of the world. It wasn't long before they sent questions in as well. It's one thing to be a resource to your peers in the United States, but being able to help someone running a small network in a hospital in Kenya, or a school in Mongolia, or an AIDS clinic in Belize, gives you a greater sense of purpose and pride. I may be just one of three billion people in the world, but it's amazing to know I can still make a difference. My new relationship with TechTarget helps me extend that reach to an even wider audience.

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