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Security, collaboration to drive messaging in '05

Once enterprises get a handle on their e-mail security issues, many will turn their attention to deploying collaborative messaging suites, where the choices are many, according to a recent research report.

Enterprises can expect messaging security to remain a top concern in 2005 and beyond, according to a recent study.

A lot of corporations will be looking at competitive messaging platforms, and they have a lot of very interesting choices.

Teney Takahashi, analyst,

Radicati Group


"Our trends showed that the volume of e-mail is increasing as well as the number of users. We've seen an especially strong uptake in the Asian/Pacific region," said analyst Teney Takahashi, author of the Radicati Group report. "In terms of e-mail traffic, of course spam continues to be a huge issue."

In 2004, e-mail traffic increased by 35% to 76.8 billion messages per day, but roughly half of that was spam, according to Palo Alto, Calif.-based Radicati. It is a vicious cycle in which the volume of spam increases with the sophistication and availability of antispam products.

With increasing numbers of malicious spam being sent, transmitting worms and viruses to often-unsuspecting users, security is taking a front-row seat.

"I think businesses really have to assess what their top priorities are," Takahashi said. "For most companies, security is a top priority

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because of the potential damage that could be caused by worms or malicious e-mail. Once that is taken care of, I believe more businesses will look at collaboration."

The market for collaborative messaging suites is growing, Takahashi said, and "a lot of corporations will be looking at competitive messaging platforms, and they have a lot of very interesting choices."

Companies to watch, he said, include Oracle Corp. and Novell Inc., as well as Mirapoint Inc., a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company that makes a messaging and security appliance. However, Microsoft still leads the way with its Outlook client in market share, he said.

Takahashi predicts that the messaging software market will grow to $3.6 billion by 2008, as messaging becomes more wide-spread and software suites that incorporate increased security and a wider variety of communications tools are released.

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