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Exchange spam filter gets bigger vocabulary

The Intelligent Message Filter has been refreshed to help it better identify junk e-mail, Microsoft says.

Microsoft has released an update to its Exchange Intelligent Message Filter that is meant to increase the filter's ability to identity spam.

"With these message filtering products, what you have to do as a developer is continually maintain the signatures. It's similar to virus scanning," said Eric Harrison, director of product management with Santa Clara, Calif.-based Mimosa Systems Inc.

Downloading the update will allow the Exchange filter to recognize new spam that has been identified by the industry, hopefully leading to fewer unwanted commercial messages winding up in an enterprise user's inbox, Microsoft said.

Harrison said that while no system is perfect, and sometimes they generate false positives, it is advisable to keep the filter updated to catch potentially harmful spam.

The Exchange Server 2003 IMF update is available in Microsoft's Download Center, and is supported by Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 and Windows Server 2003.

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