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Administrator's guide to Microsoft Operations Manager

This resource guide will help admins maximize their use of Microsoft Operations Manager as well as its current incarnation, Systems Center Operations Manager, an event and performance management package for Windows networks and applications.

Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) is a network monitoring solution that improves the availability, performance and security of Windows networks and applications. MOM provides central monitoring and automatic problem resolution for networks of tens to thousands of computers, continuously monitoring user actions, application software, servers and desktop computers. This guide offers tips, advice from experts and other resources to help maximize your use of MOM.

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Browse these articles to learn more about using the various features of Microsoft Operations Manager 2005.

    For starters, take an in-depth look at Microsoft Operations Manager 2005, in an article that expounds on the differences between MOM 2005 and its predecessor, MOM 2000.

    In this article, Brien M. Posey takes a look at four third-party management packs for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005.

    Microsoft Operations Manager is just one of many products that will be part of Microsoft's new System Center line of management products.

    This tip takes a look at the Solution Accelerator for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 that optimizes its alert volume. This tip takes a look at the Solution Accelerator for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 that provides automatic trouble ticket generation.

    When you installed Microsoft Operationg Managr 2005, you established an Action Account. Now that it's set, you're not sure what it does or what security it actually requires. In fact, you're not even sure where to change the account MOM uses. The Action Account has various functions, many very integral to some of the tasks MOM 2005 performs. Read through some of the benefits of the Action Account in Microsoft Operations Manager 2005, as well as how to administer the feature.

      MOM Resources  Return to Table of Contents offers guidance and recommended best practices for maintaining and running MOM in an existing IT infrastructure. Browse some of Microsoft's resources below.
    • Trial Software: Order the Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Evaluation Software and evaluate its functionality and features prior to purchasing. Source:

    • WebCast: Microsoft Operations Manager SP1: Configuration and Operational Best Practices : This Support WebCast will discuss how to set up MOM SP1 to best meet your monitoring requirements and will provide tips for MOM settings for grooming, agent manager settings, buffer settings and communication settings for the best possible operational performance and usage practicality. Topics include an architectural overview, how to build a reliable MOM infrastructure using alert forwarding, multihoming, using multihoming for automatic database disaster recovery, SQL Cluster database recovery and scalability. The discussion of management and maintenance will include information about database, event storms, management packs, operations and organizational policies, archive database setup, and maintenance. The final topics are reporting and miscellaneous tips for MOM SP1. Source:

    • Webcast: Microsoft Operations Manager: An Introduction to MOM Architecture, Features, Performance, and Sizing. This Support WebCast is intended for novice users of the Microsoft Operations Manager management product. This presentation will provide an overview of the product, including architecture, internals, supported and unsupported configurations, scaling and performance, and sizing capabilities. The session will also include information on reporting, Management Packs, information in the Knowledge Base, and best practices. Source:

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