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Learning Guide: Scripting

Scripting is simpler than it looks and can save you substantial time and effort. This guide offers tips, articles and advice on some basic scripting concepts.

Many people find the idea of administrative scripting intimidating. But the truth is, it's a lot simpler than it looks. This Learning Guide will give you resources that will help you learn how to script and when to script, and will also point you to other valuable scripting resources.


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  • Scripting School: Nine links for online scripting resources
    If you're looking for scripting resources, going online is a good place to start. Scripting expert Christa Anderson provides a list of nine recommended URLs to get you started.

  • Scripting School: Enhancing scripts that require user input
    Expert Christa Anderson explains how you can provide guidance to those using the scripts you write (so that running the utilities you create doesn't require reading the source code) and how you can set up the script to run remotely.

  • Scripting School: Taking inventory of drives
    Save your script output to a file, and then use it to take inventory of the drives in use or to help administrators keep track of a heavily-used volume. For more details, read Christa's latest column on scripting.

  • Scripting School: Writing output to a text file
    One problem with producing output from a script is that it's temporary. Christa Anderson explains how you can make your scripts write the output to a text file using the File System Object.

  • Scripting School: Connect scripts to remote computers
    You can save substantial time by running a script that connects to remote computers by name or as part of an Active Directory domain. Christa Anderson explains how in this scripting column.

  • Beginner's guide to scripting
    Scripting is simpler than it looks and can save you substantial time and effort. Christa Anderson, a noted scripting authority, offers some basic scripting concepts.

  • Advanced scripting concepts
    Scripting expert Christa Anderson covers some advanced scripting concepts and offers several tips that will help you debug scripts.

  • Scripting and connecting users to network resources
    Christa Anderson explains how to use tools that let you identify users and computers outside a domain structure and make them connect to network shares -- depending on who and where they are.

  • More on scripting and connecting to network resources
    Christa Anderson offfers some scenario-based variations to try along with a sample script.

  • Find objects with Windows Scripting Host
    This column introduces you to a sampling of the Windows Scripting Host objects, how they help you perform administrative tasks and work with your environment.

  • Windows Script Host arguments
    This scripting column explains how to use an important object collection in Windows Script Host: named arguments.

  • Turning the environment with WshShell
    Christa Anderson explains how to read the Registry and record the value of a key in the Event Viewer.

  • Just the FAQ guide to VB Scripting basics
    Microsoft MVP Rod Trent takes you on a beginner's journey to understanding VB Scripting and the concepts surrounding scripting.




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When Christa Anderson began working with Windows Server operating systems in 1992, she became increasingly interested in finding more efficient and flexible ways of performing routine tasks. Christa has written extensively about administrative scripting and taught technical sessions on the subject at conferences such as Comdex and CeBIT, helping people who had never done any scripting to write their own scripts in half a day.

In addition to her interest in scripting Windows management, Christa is an authority on server-based computing and the program manager for Terminal Services licensing in Longhorn. If you have a scripting question for Christa, please e-mail her at

Laura E. Hunter (CISSP, MCSE: Security, MCDBA, Microsoft MVP) is an IT project leader with the University of Pennsylvania, where she provides network and Active Directory planning, implementation and troubleshooting services for business units and schools within the university. Hunter is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Microsoft "Most Valuable Professional" award in the area of Windows Server-Networking. She is the author of the Active Directory Field Guide from APress Publishing. If you have a scripting question for Laura, please submit your question here.


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