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Veritas makes room for 64-bit Windows

The company brings its Storage Foundation High Availability product in line with the next version of Microsoft's Windows and offers new tools to manage the .NET Framework and SQL Server 2005.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Today at Microsoft's TechEd conference, Veritas Software Corp. released version 4.3 of its Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows with support for 64-bit systems, making it compatible with Microsoft's pending 64-bit Longhorn operating system.

… the SMB segment has been woefully under-serviced by the whole storage industry.

Mike Karp, analyst,

Enterprise Management Associates


The software suite includes storage management, replication and software products aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

TechEd roundup

News from Microsoft TechEd 2005

Veritas, of Mountain View, Calif., also released its i3 application service management software for the Microsoft .NET Framework and updated i3 for Microsoft SQL Server to work with SQL Server 2005. Both allow administrators to monitor and manage service and performance of mid-tier servers and applications.

"In terms of storage, the SMB segment has been woefully under-serviced by the whole storage industry. They've got a lot of lackluster products out there," said Mike Karp, senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates Inc., in Boulder, Colo. "This is a good effort by Veritas to provide the same level of service for the Windows market that they provide for open systems."

Improving on LDM's shortcomings

An OEM "lite" version of Storage Foundation already ships with Windows as the Logical Disk Manager (LDM), but according to Jeff Reed, Veritas' product manager for Storage Foundation, "it has real shortcomings." For example, LDM does not allow you to grow a volume without rebooting the system, which may be unacceptable in high-availability environments. Storage Foundation HA, meanwhile, improves over Windows Server Compute Cluster Edition in that it can allow failover across subnets, he said. Without it, administrators are forced into creating "unnatural VLANs," according to Reed.

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While the Storage Foundation software update provides for increased disaster recovery capabilities and scalability, its support for 64-bit is what Karp finds interesting.

"People are going to try and upgrade the power of their computing by moving their key applications from 32-bit environments to 64-bit environments," said Karp. "They can't do that unless they can protect in the 64-bit environment as well as they can in the 32-bit environment. … This enables a migration up to 64-bit, because it makes 64-bit just as safe as 32-bit, with the understanding that this operates as well in 64-bit as it does in 32-bit."

Storage Foundation HA for Windows 4.3 starts at $695 per server. Veritas i3 for .NET starts at $1,500 per CPU. Veritas i3 for SQL Server starts at $1,000 per CPU. All three products are expected in July.

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