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VMware launches online resource center

VMware rolled out VMware Technology Network, an online resource for developers seeking to virtualize their infrastructure.

VMware Inc. launched a new tool called VMware Technology Network (VMTN), an online virtual infrastructure resource center for developers and IT professionals focused on software development.

Marking perhaps its strongest development support tool to date, VMware, an EMC company specializing in virtual infrastructure software, is touting VMTN as the next step toward its goal of providing developers an upgraded virtual machine container for capturing their multitude of software configurations.

"We are seeing a trend in development and testing where they adopt and standardize on virtualization technology for a number of reasons, [including] reducing hardware costs," said Srinivas Krishnamurti, group product manager for VMware. "On top of that we've added a whole bunch of new functionalities [with VMTN]."

VMTN includes prebuilt application environments in VMware virtual machines, which VMware said is a comprehensive collection of prebuilt, preconfigured and ready-to-run software applications to aid developers in eliminating many of the traditional stumbling blocks associated with testing, evaluating and deploying new software. These applications are all packaged within virtual machines and available for download to any software developer.

Now available, the new tool will also feature VMTN Subscription, a suite of VMware products, support and upgrades available for an annual subscription of $299 per user. VMware said VMTN Subscription provides a consistent virtualization platform for development and testing that is designed to increase the productivity and efficiency across the software development lifecycle. VMTN Subscription includes VMware Workstation for individual developer productivity; VMware GSX Server and a developer version of VMware ESX Server with Virtual SMP for team collaboration; and VMware P2V Assistant for migrating physical systems to virtual machines.

VMTN will also provide technical resources, peer-to-peer discussion forums and insights from virtualization experts. VMware hopes that VMTN will become a virtual infrastructure destination designed to help developers and IT professionals share knowledge and best practices and develop, test and deploy applications in virtual environments.

VMware is touting virtual machines as a way to simplify the out-of-box experience for any developer looking to test or build on new software platforms. And because the same virtual machine can run on any industry-standard hardware form factor and on top of any operating system, VMware said end users can deploy one of its virtualization platforms to have an entire application environment up and running within minutes.

"The feedback has been clear. They want to adopt our products across the board," Krishnamurti said. "This allows organizations to standardize across the entire software development lifecycle."

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