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Part 2: Global Settings

Crash Course: A tour of Exchange System Manager, part 2: Global Settings.

The Global Settings container contains options that effect the entire Exchange organization, as shown in Figure A.

Figure A
Figure A

The first sub-container under Global Settings is the Internet Message Format container. This sub-container has options pertaining to how various message formats are displayed. For example, it offers settings that tell Exchange that messages with the .htm extension should be displayed as HTML. Odds are that you will probably never have to touch any of the Internet Message Format options.

The next sub-container under Global Settings is the Message Delivery container. Right click on the Message Delivery container and select Properties to access it. The main purpose of this section is to control spam. You can block messages sent to or from certain users. You can also accept or block e-mail based on IP address.

The third sub-container under the Global Settings option is the Mobile Services container. This sub-container controls options that allow Exchange to send mail to mobile devices, such as Pocket PCs and cell phones. (The Mobile Services container will soon be completely made over in Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2.)

Crash Course: A tour of Exchange System Manager

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