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Windows tool points to performance problems

Microsoft has released Server Performance Advisor 2.0, free software that helps diagnose the root causes of performance problems in Windows Server 2003.

A free tool that helps diagnose the root causes of performance problems in Windows Server 2003 is being called...

promising because it gives IT administrators a centralized place to look at performance data.

The Windows Server 2003 Performance Advisor for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005, which Microsoft calls Server Performance Advisor 2.0 for short, was released Monday. The software helps diagnose the root causes of performance problems in Windows Server 2003 deployments, Microsoft said.

The Server Performance Advisor, which is available as a free download, collects performance data and produces diagnostic reports to help administrators troubleshoot performance problems and fix them.

"The MOM performance reports are good but you don't have one tool that actually tells you where the bottleneck is in your application or system," said an IT executive at a New York-based global financial corporation who is also responsible for a MOM installation. "This tool is promising."

The tool, which is a MOM 2005 management pack, lets administrators collect distributed data and consolidate Service Performance Advisor reports. The pack includes performance diagnostic reports, scheduled performance data collection, distributed performance data collection and rule-based initiation of performance data collection.

The pack also provides diagnostics for server roles, such as Active Directory, Internet Information Services, DNS and print spooler, Microsoft said.

There is an earlier version of Server Performance Advisor, but it was not designed specifically for MOM.

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