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Scripting School: Windows Script Host arguments

How to use an important object collection in Windows Scrpting Host: named arguments.

Editor's note: This is the sixth column in a continuing interactive series on scripting that appears monthly on You can send any scripting questions to the author, Christa Anderson, at

In last month's column I introduced you to one set of objects you may use in your scripts -- the ones found in the scripting host itself. This month, you'll learn how to use an important object collection in Windows Scripting Host: named arguments.

Scripting School: Windows Script Host arguments
- Background: Arguments in general
- The value of named arguments
- Supporting optional arguments
- Mixing argument types
- Summary

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A Terminal Services MVP, Christa Anderson is the strategic technology manager for visionapp She formerly was program manager for the Microsoft Terminal Services team. She is an internationally known authority on scripting, the author of Windows Terminal Services, The Definitive Guide to MetaFrame XP, and co-author of the book Mastering Windows 2003 Server. If you have a scripting question for Christa, please e-mail her at She often uses these emails as fodder for her scripting columns.

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