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Exchange 12 will ship on DVD only

When released, Exchange 12's delivery mode will be DVD only.

Microsoft said that the next version of Exchange Server 2003, dubbed Exchange 12, will ship next year on a single DVD, as opposed to using CDs or both.

The software apparently needs the space, and Microsoft is making the move to DVD only to gain efficiency and simplicity, according to The Microsoft Exchange Team's own blog, You Had Me At EHLO. Exchange 12 offers a unified messaging feature with text-to-speech engines that require a couple hundred megs, for example.

The team said, "By putting all the bits on a single disk, we save the development and testing time that would be needed to handle and verify that that swapping process works as expected across all server SKUs and languages...."

Exchange 12 is expected to ship in 2006. It will offer a role-based architecture, a new scripting interface and continuous backup.

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