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Readers' Choice admin tool: Toad for Oracle

We recently asked readers to tell us what their favorite admin tools are -- the utilities they just couldn't live without. Read about Toad for Oracle.

The following is Tool #2 from "Readers' Choice: 15 admin tools you can't live without," a collection of top Windows admin tools nominated by readers.

Admin tool: Toad for Oracle
Nominated by: Debbie Spencer

As a relatively new DBA, I use Toad for Oracle for a host of admin tasks. Toad lets me build/execute/debug SQL and PL/SQL queries, open multiple databases/schemas, compare schemas, FTP and create/modify database objects. As a newbie, it has simplified importing and exporting data and updating statistics. It also offers integration with Knowledge Xpert for built-in Oracle database expertise from recognized database experts. I recommend it to anyone looking to simplify their day-to-day Oracle administrative DBA task.

Readers' Choice: 15 admin tools you can't live without!

 Tool 1: Readers' Choice admin tool winner: Hyena
  Tool 2: Toad for Oracle
 Tool 3: Fastpush
 Tool 4: Belarc Advisor
 Tool 5: Angry IP Scanner
 Tool 6: Dameware NT
 Tool 7: Microsoft Computer Management Tool
 Tool 8: PC Duo and PC Duo Enterprise
 Tool 9: CheckIt Pro
 Tool 10: WinSCP 3.7.5
 Tool 11: Treepad
 Tool 12: Remote Administrator
 Tool 13: BartPE
 Tool 14: Sam Spade
 Tool 15:

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