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Readers' Choice admin tool: Fastpush

We recently asked readers to tell us what their favorite admin tools are -- the utilities they just couldn't live without. Read about Fastpush.

The following is Tool #3 from "Readers' Choice: 15 admin tools you can't live without," a collection of top Windows admin tools nominated by readers.

Admin tool: Fastpush
Nominated by: Erick Perez

Fastpush is a script that can remotely install WinVNC onto a computer running Windows NT, 2000 or XP. You need admin rights to do this, but it will work over any reasonable network connection.

The reasons why I love this tool so much are:

  • 100% free scripts and free VNC implementations
  • Works flawlessly across Windows domains
  • Does not require expertise at all (you need to know how a VNC works)
  • Code is open, so you can search for bugs and even make your own customizations (both the script and the VNC releases it uses)
  • Does the job in one step to remotely install VNC, create Registry entries, start the service and prepare the connection to control the machine remotely. You can uninstall remotely too!

And above all, I work for a bank and handle support for more than 100 users in three time zones in Latin America. The bank has a mixture of apps, so remote support is a must while keeping the expenses at a minimum. From my desk I am able to install, control and remove the service from the remote computers in one step. You should hear the comments from the users when "the ghost" comes in!

Readers' Choice: 15 admin tools you can't live without!

 Tool 1: Readers' Choice admin tool winner: Hyena
 Tool 2: Toad for Oracle
 Tool 3: Fastpush
 Tool 4: Belarc Advisor
 Tool 5: Angry IP Scanner
 Tool 6: Dameware NT
 Tool 7: Microsoft Computer Management Tool
 Tool 8: PC Duo and PC Duo Enterprise
 Tool 9: CheckIt Pro
 Tool 10: WinSCP 3.7.5
 Tool 11: Treepad
 Tool 12: Remote Administrator
 Tool 13: BartPE
 Tool 14: Sam Spade
 Tool 15:

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