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Readers' Choice admin tool: Remote Administrator

We recently asked readers to tell us what their favorite admin tools are -- the utilities they just couldn't live without. Read about Remote Administrator.

The following is Tool #12 from "Readers' Choice: 15 admin tools you can't live without," a collection of top Windows admin tools nominated by readers.

Admin tool: Remote Administrator
Nominated by: Paul Ross

Remote Administrator surpasses others like pcAnywhere and VNC for simplicity of install and small footprint as well as ease of use.

This has revolutionized our workplace for remotely assisting users and controlling servers inside our network and in our DMZ. If a client's computer doesn't have the tool, or for some reason it's not running, we can remotely distribute the package to that computer and connect to it within seconds. It's been compatible across all versions of Windows.

It also allows integration into NT security, so for computers in the domain or forest we can connect to them immediately without being prompted for a password. This same security means that only nominated users (admins in our case) can connect all computers, or a select support crew for certain applications can only view the remote screen to see where a user is having problems.

This tool allows remote telnetting and file transfer and lets us log off, restart or shut down a remote system.

There are many features for controlling the amount of bandwidth used, which is great when supporting a remote laptop user over a 56 k modem connection.

Readers' Choice: 15 admin tools you can't live without!

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