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Survey shows troubleshooting, storage space major concerns in Windows shops

Windows administrators would like to better manage their storage, but first they need to fix some problems.

Windows administrators spend much of their day troubleshooting various IT problems, but storage management is often the chief cause of their headaches.

A recent Internet survey of just under 250 IT professionals, conducted by, looked at how managers spend their time in the Windows enterprise.

The survey revealed troubleshooting, performance and configuration management as the top priorities in systems management.

Close to 70% of the readers said firefighting daily problems is number one in terms of commanding their attention. On the desktop, 65% cited software administration and installation as the top concern, with hardware maintenance and configuration also ranking near the top of the list.

When it comes to storage concerns, running out of space causes a large part of the trouble in Windows shops. Close to half of those surveyed said managing existing storage is a challenge, and 25% referenced storage capacity as a major dilemma.

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"Trying to eliminate outdated, unused and duplicated files from the server is something we struggle with," one reader said.

In 2006, 60% of respondents said they planned to tackle improvements to their back up strategy. Disaster recovery will also keep administrators busy next year, with 54% expecting to work on improving their recovery plan

Looking into the future, Windows managers want to learn more about Longhorn server, even though many don't plan to purchase the product for some time after its projected release in 2007.

"We will probably not go in that direction for quite a while," said Eileen Crabtree, a systems administrator with Guardian Industries Corp., in Auburn Hills, Mich.

Still, 64% cited a significant interest in Longhorn, and 52% of readers said they want more information about virtualization.

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