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How to create an Exchange public folder index

Tutorial: Indexing Exchange Server public folder content, part 1: How to create an Exchange public folder index.

Before you actually create the index, open Control Panel on the server, and select Regional and Language Options. When the Regional and Language options dialog box appears, verify that the correct language is selected. This is extremely important because indexing uses a language-dependent process called stemming.

Stemming involves finding words that are based on a root word. For example, if a user searched on the word boat, the index would use stemming to return words such as boater, boating, boats, etc.

Actually creating an index is simple:

  1. Right click on the Exchange public folder store (or mailbox store) you want to index.

  2. Select the Create Full Text Index command.

  3. You will see a dialog box asking you where you would like to store the index file at. Choose a location with plenty of free space and click OK.

Tutorial: Indexing Exchange Server public folder content

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 Part 1: How to create an Exchange public folder index
 Part 2: How to populate an Exchange public folder index
 Part 3: How to update an Exchange public folder index
 Part 4: Benefits of Exchange public folder indexing
 Part 5: Performance considerations for Exchange public folder indexing
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