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How to update an Exchange public folder index

Tutorial: Indexing Exchange Server public folder content, step 3: How to update an Exchange public folder index.

After you finish index population, go to the Full Text Indexing tab of the Exchange public folder store's properties sheet, and select the checkbox that allows clients to begin searching.

While you're at it, set the Update Interval option. Updating the index isn't nearly as big of a deal as the initial population, but I don't recommend using the Always Run option, because it can be fairly resource intensive.

I recommend you run the update hourly or daily. An hourly update will keep the index more up to date, but will be more resource intensive. A daily update will be less resource intensive, but the indexes will not be as current.

It is best to run a daily update late at night so that the indexing process does not slow down the server during work hours.

Tutorial: Indexing Exchange Server public folder content

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 Part 1: How to create an Exchange public folder index
 Part 2: How to populate an Exchange public folder index
 Part 3: How to update an Exchange public folder index
 Part 4: Benefits of Exchange public folder indexing
 Part 5: Performance considerations for Exchange public folder indexing
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