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Six problems related to domain management members frequently have domain-related questions for our server management expert, Laura E. Hunter. Find out her answers now! members frequently have domain-related questions for our server management expert, Laura E. Hunter. Here are six questions on the subject of domain management that Laura has recently answered.

An administrator thinking of upgrading to Windows 2003 Server SP1 wonders if there are any known issues with SP1 on a domain controller. Laura recommends testing.

A reader is having trouble dogging into the domain. He is using Windows 2000 Server; the domain controllers are using Windows 2003 Server. Laura recommends a series of general troubleshooting steps.

An admin is having trouble creating a trust between two domains in different forests. Laura recommends a series of steps for this admin to follow to resolve the problem.

An IT manager who is moving his company's NT network over to Active Directory wants to know if there is an easy way to rename PCs and accounts in the domain without visiting every PC. A simple utility might do the trick.

An admin needs help with slow logons, which he thinks is caused by having two domain controllers at two different sites. A likely culprit: inaccurate settings.

A reader reports getting a domain error in his system log. Laura says this is a commonly seen problem in environments with only one domain controller.

About the author: Laura E. Hunter is a Windows network manager for a major university in the northeastern U.S. She is a three-time recipient of the Microsoft MVP award in the area of Windows Server Networking, and is the author of the Active Directory Field Guide from Apress Publishing.

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