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Phishing secrets revealed

Get an overview of how phishing threatens Exchange Server from a leading authority on phishing technology, and learn what you need to do to protect your data.

As phishing technology becomes increasingly aggressive, it is essential that you learn how to properly protect your Exchange Server data. Get an overview of how phishing threatens Exchange Server from leading authority on phishing technology, Lance James.

This on-demand webcast is divided into four segments:

  1. How phishing scams operate
  2. The six phases of a phishing scam and how phishers use their victims' data
  3. Phishing trends: Learn why companies like eBay and CitiBank are desirable targets
  4. How to protect your data from phishing attacks

Learn more about Lance's book, Phishing Exposed, and purchase a copy.

For a free excerpt, check out our tutorial:
10 tips in 10 minutes: Phishing exposed

About the presenter:

Lance James has been heavily involved with the information security community for the past 10 years. With over a decade of experience with programming, network security, reverse engineering, cryptography design and cryptanalysis, attacking protocols and a detailed expertise in information security, Lance provides consultation to numerous businesses ranging from small start-ups, governments, both national and international, as well as Fortune 500's and America's top financial institutions.

Lance James has spent the last three years devising techniques to prevent, track, and detect phishing and online fraud. He is a lead scientist with Dachb0den Laboratories, a well-known Southern California "hacker" think-tank, creator of InvisibleNet, a prominent member of the local 2600 chapter, and the Chief Scientist with Secure Science Corporation, a security software company that is busy tracking over 53 phishing groups. As a regular speaker at numerous security conferences and being a consistent source of information by various news organizations, Lance James is recognized as a major asset in the information security community.

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