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Microsoft releases free tools for Notes migration

Transporter Suite for Lotus Notes allows users to analyze their Notes application infrastructure and determine the best course of action.

Microsoft has delivered Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Notes, a suite of tools for messaging and directory services promised last month. The suite can be downloaded free of charge from the Microsoft site.

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Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Notes leverages a simple unified interface, allowing users to plan, prepare and move their messaging and directory services as well analyze their Notes application infrastructure, determine the best course of action for applications, and move data from template-based applications to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

Last year the tools were released individually, but now they are all part of the Transporter Suite, according to Microsoft.

There are new features such as easier migration of the access control list that shows who can access a file and what operations they are authorized to do. The suite reportedly also has improved snapshots of existing applications that must be moved.

Karen Hobert, an analyst with The Burton Group, a research company in Salt Lake City, said Microsoft Transporter Suite will help IT administrators migrate from Notes to Exchange, taking care of some content, email and basic applications.

"They did make a good user interface, so from the front end you can track and manage the activities you are working on," Hobert said.

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