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Microsoft releases nine Windows Vista updates

Vista fixes range from adjusting computer clocks to making additions to user-defined words in Microsoft's IME user dictionary.

Microsoft has released nine updates this week for Windows Vista that range from fixing time zone issues to addressing problems in its dictionary. The Microsoft updates are:
  • Update for Windows Vista (KB935855) -- This update addresses the error message that is generated when starting Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista.

  • Cumulative time zone update (KB931836) -- This lets a computer automatically adjust the computer clock on the correct date in 2007 as a result of revised daylight-saving time laws in many countries.

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  • Desktop update correction (KB932406) -- This update solves the problem of a desktop not refreshing correctly.

  • Media Center update (KB935652) -- This is a cumulative update for several issues regarding Media Center.

  • Audio device update (KB937077) -- A high-definition audio device may no longer work after the operating system comes back up from hibernation or from sleep. An "X" character may appear on the speaker icon in the notification area. The update fixes this.

  • 802.1x network authentication update (KB937123) -- This fixes the problem of when an 802.1X network authentication times out and a network connection can't be re-established. There is a related update for Windows Vista for x64-based systems.

  • Internet Explorer 7 Vista Dictionary update (KB938637) -- This fixes the problem of not being able to add user-defined words to Microsoft's IME user dictionary on a Windows Vista computer when using Internet Explorer 7.

  • Off-link update for Windows Vista (KB929824) -- This update addresses connections to any off-link addresses when the default gateway and the client IP address are configured to be the same. There is a related update for Windows Vista for x64-based systems.

  • Data structure update for Windows Vista (KB930627) -- This fixes problems with the private data of the DEVMODE data structure, which could be corrupted when using raw mode to print a document in a 32-bit application on a computer that is running a 64-bit version of Windows. This update is only for 64-bit machines.

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