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Microsoft will release two security updates next week

Windows administrators will have a light load in November as far as new patches are concerned.

Windows administrators will see just one critical security update and one important security update from Microsoft...

this month, both of which affect most versions of Windows Server.

The only critical update will fix a vulnerability that could allow remote code executions in many versions of Windows Server.

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Remote code executions are when hackers gain access to computers remotely, usually over the Internet, and then use them to steal data or to carry out spamming attacks.

The important update is mainly for Windows Server 2003 versions, including SP1 and SP2. This update fixes a vulnerability that allows spoofing, which is when someone's legitimate digital identity is stolen and used by hackers, usually to conduct financial fraud.

This latest critical security update that Microsoft plans to release on Tuesday will make 40 updates for remote code execution vulnerabilities this year.

The company also plans to release three non-security, high-priority updates on Tuesday through its free updating technologies, the Microsoft Update (MU) and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). There will be more information about these updates on Tuesday.

To find out if computer systems need all or any of these updates, companies can use Microsoft's Baseline Security Analyzer and its Enterprise Update Scan Tool.

In addition, an updated version of the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool will be released Tuesday, Nov. 13, on Windows Update, MU, WSUS and at Microsoft's download center.

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