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VMware updates app virtualization software

VMware offers rebranded Thinstall technology as ThinApps with new feature that lets virtual apps interact.

VMware Inc. released an updated version of Thinstall's application virtualization technology, which will let IT managers virtualize and run multiple Windows applications on the same machine. IT administrators don't have to worry about operating system level conflicts or a user's actions affecting other applications on the system since the applications are isolated.

Thinstall's technology isolates applications and the files, libraries, codes and scripts needed to run the application in an executable file. VMware bought Thinstall earlier this year, hoping to move the company beyond the borders of server virtualization.

The newest release, ThinApp 4, adds a feature called Application Link that lets interdependent virtualized applications talk to each other.

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Another feature, called Application Sync, allows remote updating of virtual applications.

ThinApp will be available in 30 days at a cost of $5,000 for 50 client licenses and a copy of VMware Workstation, its desktop virtualization product.

VMware also released an update for its virtual desktop infrastructure offering Virtual Desktop Manager. The new version boosts scalability up to 5,000 concurrent connections per cluster, adds a new transaction log management feature and a multimedia redirection feature for XP desktops.

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