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Microsoft updates several Sysinternals workhorse tools

Microsoft's free Sysinternals Process Monitor gets a tweak as does Handle and Process Explorer.

Microsoft released updates for several of the popular free tools it produces through its Sysinternals team.

The newest version of Process Monitor now prevents administrators from mistakenly closing the filter dialog without saving edits. Version 1.37 of the systems monitoring tool also fixes a race condition bug in the driver.

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The Sysinternals team also added a new switch for its Handle tool that dumps the sizes of pagefile-backed sections. Handle shows programs with open files, object types and the names of all the handles of a program, according to the Sysinternals site.

To run Handle v3.41, users need administrative privileges and the tool works on Windows NT, XP and Windows Server 2003 64-bit.

An update is also available for Process Explorer, where the 11.21 version fixes a race condition bug in the Process Explorer device driver.

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