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Free tools and XP piqued admin interest in 2008

These stories grabbed the attention of administrators in 2008. Will these topics repeat in 2009?

Though 2009 has just begun, it's never too soon to wonder what promising technology may catch the eye of Windows administrators in the coming months.

Will the sour economy put a chill on corporate spending and put off interest in virtual desktops? Will enterprises buy services? Will cloud computing take off in 2009? We won't know until next January, of course. In the meantime, check out our top stories of 2008 based on page visits.

What makes the grade with Windows admin? It's free tools (an annual favorite), the wit and wisdom of Windows guru Mark Minasi, growing competition between VMware and Microsoft, and news about Windows 7.

  • Top five free Windows server management tools
  • Minasi says Vista SPI solves problems, adds new ones

  • Windows enterprises will stick with XP
  • Top five overall free Windows downloads
  • Lack of scripting skills could derail a Windows career
  • Microsoft answers call for more cross platform support
  • Sysinternals tools now available on the fly
  • Microsoft vs. VMware: What's the next move?
  • Microsoft settles ado over Windows 7 name
  • Dig Deeper on Enterprise infrastructure management

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