Helpful third-party tools for Exchange Server

Check out these 12 third-party Exchange management tools and see how they can help administrators monitor, archive and migrate Exchange servers.

Two turtle doves aren't going to help you manage your Exchange servers. Our 12 days of Exchange Sever tools will...

help ease your administrative workload -- letting you relax for the holidays.

Here are 12 third-party Exchange Server tools to consider:

  1. EMC SourceOne Email Management for Microsoft Exchange  (Product Link)
    Use this email-archiving software to enforce email record retention policies that comply with internal governance, as well as industry and government regulations.
  2. GFI Mail Archiver  (Product Link)
    GFI MailArchiver archives all email correspondence to reduce demands on Exchange Server, reduce dependency on .pst files and help with regulatory compliance and e-discovery.

  3. Kroll Ontrack software  (Product Link)   
    This Exchange Server tool helps legal, corporate and government agencies recover, search, review, manage and erase Exchange Server data securely and efficiently.

  4. Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS) for Microsoft Exchange  (Product Link)
    By tracking performance indicators and plotting trend reports, NMS can help administrators prevent outages and poor Exchange Server performance.

  5. Nucleus Exchange Server Repair  (Product Link)
    Use the Nucleus Exchange Server Repair tool to repair corrupt, damaged .edb files, recover user mailboxes from the .edb file and more.

  6. Permessa Email Control! Express  (Product Link)
    Provides dozens of recent historical and real-time reports for email tracking, service-level management and capacity planning with customizable and graphical reports of an Exchange environment.

  7. Promodag Reports  (Product Link)
    This Exchange Server tool obtains information about all aspects of email systems, ensuring better security, business continuity and improved Exchange organization performance.

  8. Quest Software Migration Suite for Exchange  (Product Link)
    Ensures a seamless migration process, while providing a centralized location for project management. Equipped with analysis tools and reporting mechanisms, the tool facilitates Exchange migration projects.

  9. Sirana AppAnalyzer  (Product Link)
    AppAnalyzer for Exchange is a reporting and analysis tool that helps monitors and analyzes Exchange Server usage.

  10. SolarWinds Exchange Monitor  (Product Link)
    This free tool continuously monitors Exchange Server to deliver real-time insight into Exchange services, mail queue sizes and host server health.

  11. Sunbelt Software Exchange Archiver  (Product Link)
    This Exchange Server tool archives email for compliance, legal readiness and Exchange performance.

  12. Symantec Enterprise Vault  (Product Link)
    Enables users to store, manage and discover unstructured information across their Exchange organizations. The tool is said to reduce the size of primary storage and applications by moving off email and files and applying deduplication and compression while creating a searchable index of all archived information.

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