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IT pros invited to evaluate Opalis for System Center

IT managers who sign up for Microsoft's Opalis Customer Evaluation Program can bend the ears of developers who are integrating Opalis into the company's systems management suite.

IT manages can weigh in on how Microsoft will integrate its newly acquired Opalis management platform with System Center if they hurry up and sign onto a new trial program.

Those interested have until Friday, September 10 to sign up for the Opalis Customer Evaluation Program to weigh in on how the software will integrate with future System Center management products.

Microsoft bought Opalis Software, a Toronto-based IT automation software manufacture, last December. It plans to include Opalis as part of its System Center products suite sometime next year. Microsoft has not yet released pricing.

When the Customer Evaluation Program kicks off next week, participants will have direct access to the Opalis development team integrating Opalis with System Center. Applicants who apply and are accepted will receive an email invitation via their Windows Live ID account by September 13. Late applications will also be reviewed.

Software made by Opalis could make System Center a stronger contender in the virtualization and cloud computing management market. Microsoft currently offers about 30 Opalis Integration Packs that can be downloaded with a 180 day trial, or System Center Server Management Suite Enterprise (SMSE) and System Center Server Management Suite Datacenter (SMSD) license holders can download the full version.

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