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Expert Exchange insight: Quotes from TEC 2012

Exchange experts at TEC 2012 had lots of interesting things to say about Exchange, Office 365 and more. Here are some of the most interesting quotes from the show.

SAN DIEGO -- IT pros at The Expert’s Conference 2012 this week provided some valuable insight into the future of Exchange Server, Office 365 and some industry trends. 

Below you’ll find just a few of the most interesting quotes from some of the IT pros who gathered at the conference here for advanced training on Microsoft Identity and Access, Exchange Server, SharePoint, virtualization, cloud, and PowerShell technologies.

Office 365

 “Six dollars per user is just the start of the [Office 365] conversation.” – Tony Redmond, keynote speaker and long-time Microsoft MVP and Exchange Server expert.

Analysis: Microsoft touts cost savings as the primary benefit of a move to Office 365, but fails to mention all the time and capital necessary to perform the migration. Also, if you’re not already on Microsoft Outlook 2010, you should probably purchase it because Office 365 plays much better with it, according to Redmond. 

“Considering a move to Office 365? Make sure you have a back-out plan.” – Tony Redmond

Analysis: Most companies that move to Office 365 are probably happy with their decision – if they’ve done their homework. As with any important IT decision, make sure to have a backup plan in place if anything goes wrong.

Exchange Server

“Consumerization is becoming a real problem [for Exchange shops].” – Greg Taylor, Principal Program Manager for Exchange Server, Microsoft.

Analysis: Consumerization of IT gives Exchange admins one more thing to worry about because they don’t have control of the devices that employees use to access corporate email and data. This opens up network and data security concerns and brings with it the potential of unauthorized access. Stay ahead of the curve here and you’ll make yourself even more valuable.

“SetCASmailbox is one of the best cmdlets that I’m surprised people don’t use more.” 

– Greg Taylor, PPM for Exchange at Microsoft

Question from the audience: “Can you share anything about Exchange 15?” “No, but [Microsoft Exchange Conference] is coming up in the fall.” – Kevin Allison, General Manager for Exchange Server, Microsoft.

Analysis: Exchange 15 will likely be the highlight of the long-requested and now resurrected Microsoft Exchange Conference 2012 in Orlando, September 24-26.   

“We are fully committed to public folders.” – Kevin Allison.

Analysis: Everyone’s heard rumors that public folders are going away, then they’re back, then they’re gone again. This suggests that public folders are here to stay.

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