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Oblix solution supports Active Directory

Oblix Inc. of Cupertino, Calif. announced on Monday a new "all-in-one" solution of its Oblix NetPoint that fully supports Microsoft Active Directory, the directory service of Windows 2000 Server.

NetPoint allows thoursands of enterprise users to share information over private networks, said Christopher Knight, a spokesman for Oblix. A company could use the product to allow a supplier to access its hundreds of application ranging from routing to pricing. The supplier could be cut off from all or parts of the system as could any user very quickly with Oblix which is a great security benefit, Knight said.

The company is the first manufacturer to come up with such a product that is compatible with Microsoft's Active Directory, Knight said. Active Directory allows companies to share information about network resources and users. It serves as an integration point for bringing systems together and consolidating management tasks. Oblix NetPoint leverages this critical service and extends its reach to a wide variety of platforms and applications.

The product also has a user-friendly interface so other people in the company other than the IT administrator could control access to information, Knight said. Other solutions require using a lot of complex code. It is also easier to install allowing companies to begin using it within weeks, he said.

"Businesses are moving to the Internet, and the need for a simple, secure method for managing access, ensuring security and putting in place efficient business practices is becoming absolutely critical," Nand Mulchandani, vice president of product management for Oblix, said in a statement.

"By ensuring that Oblix NetPoint will support Active Directory, customers can take advantage of the rich centralized management capabilities of Active Directory and use Oblix NetPoint to consistently enforce the security policies across multiple web resources running on heterogeneous platforms," Mulchandani said.

The NetPoint Solution will be available in September for $50 per seat but with volume discounts.

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