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Quick Takes: Waxing Windows

ILOG widens audience for high-end GUI creation; targets Windows developers

ILOG has a new version of its Views Component Suite 4.0.

This is the latest version of ILOG's C++ graphical user interface software library. It has lots of new features that cater to Windows developers.

Those features will allow Windows developers to more easily create ActiveX components.

ILOG Views is now available as a modular product offering for added flexibility. Check out the Paris and Mountain View, Calif.-based company's Web site for more information.

Allin builds extensive portfolio of Windows 2000 migration successes

Have you made the trip to Windows 2000 yet? A lot of businesses are waiting instead of migrating (see related story).

Allin Corporation says don't be scared--it has the tools and experience you need to make a smooth transition to Win2k.

Allin knows Windows like the back of their handhelds. The company has already engineered migrations in the technology, education, finance, health care, education, and manufacturing industries.

Check out for more information.

ClearTrust SecureControl 4.5 unifies Web access to Windows 2000 and Java-based applications

There's a new version in town. Securant Technologies has released version 4.5 of its ClearTrust SecureControl user access management system.

This is the first Web access management system running natively on Windows 2000 and provides integration with Active Directory out of the box.

4.5 will allow enterprises to centrally secure and rapidly deploy revenue-generating e-business applications hosted on Windows 2000 and Java-based application servers.

ClearTrust SecureControl 4.5 also allows enterprises to monitor Web user activity within these platforms to prevent fraud and application misuse and includes a Web interface that allows remote administrators to manage user accounts from a Web browser without installing any Securant software on their workstation.

Sun provides seamless PC interoperability solution for workstation users

How do you get Windows and Solaris to play nice together on a workstation? All it takes is a card.

Sun has now made available its new 600 MHz SunPCi II coprocessor card. It is true PC hardware in a compact PCI form factor.

The card lets Sun workstation users run Microsoft Windows 98SE, WindowsNT workstation 4.0 and Windows 2000 Professional Edition at native speeds on their Sun workstations while also running Solaris.

A Sun workstation loaded with the card offers 12,000 technical applications plus Windows application availability.

Allaire brews more Java

What's brewing over at Allaire? A new version of its application framework, Spectra, and the $9 million acquisition of a Java integrated development environment, that's what.

Spectra 1.5 for Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Solaris should be available in January. Pricing is $15,000 per server, and the software requires ColdFusion Enterprise Application Server 4.5.1.

Allaire's strategy calls for putting together a suite of products in three areas: application servers, application frameworks and visual tools.

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