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Quick Takes: Taking panes for Windows

NTP Software releases Quota Manager 5.2 solution for Windows NT/2000 with enhanced Microsoft Cluster Server support

NTP Software already knows a thing or two thousand about Windows. The company is a leading provider of quality business solutions which monitor and control Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 and Windows 2000 Server environments. That's old news.

This is new. NTP has released Quota Manager 5.2 with enhanced support for Microsoft Cluster Servers (MCS).

NTP says their seamless integration of Quota Manager with MCS pretty much guarantees high-availability for mission-critical applications.

Quota Manager 5.2 is ready. Check out NTP Software's Web site for more information.

Aelita Software releases EventAdmin Intelligence Center for enterprise Windows-based networks

Powell, Ohio-based Aelita Software wants you to check out their new EventAdmin 5.0. It's an event data management and analysis application that consolidates event logs across multiple directory services, applications and systems.

If you want a tool to help you better control and secure your Windows-based enterprise network, think about adding EventAdmin 5.0 to your toolbox.

You should see better performance, reliability and trend analysis as well as centralized security management for e-business infrastructures built on the Windows 2000 platform.

EventAdmin 5.0 collects event logs across applications, including Internet Information Server, Exchange Server and SQL Server, and consolidates them with Windows 2000, Windows NT and Novell Directory Services logs for archiving and analysis.

Visit Aelita on the Web at

Allegrix releases V-2 of ASP solutions based entirely on Microsoft technologies

Allegrix says its Application Center now provides enhanced availability, load balancing and secure single-point-login capabilities for Windows 2000 applications deployed over the Web using an ASP model.

The new features make it easier for end users to securely access multiple Windows 2000 applications, like Active Directory, Windows 2000 Terminal Services and the other "usual suspects" over the Web.

Allegrix is the first vendor that enables VARs and ISVs to become ASPs and deploy their Windows 2000 applications using pure Microsoft technologies.

Questions? Get thee to Allegrix's Web site.

InCert announces availability of TraceBack for Windows

InCert is not a breath mint. It's a Cambridge, Mass.-based software firm that has released a minty frsh version of TraceBack for Windows.

This newest bundle of joy in InCert's nursery of availability solutions brings the proven success of the TraceBack Agent technology to Windows NT/2000 applications written in C/C++.

TraceBack is like your own personal bloodhound (without the smell or the drool) that sniffs out and tracks down why your program failed or misbehaved and keeps track of what the machine environment was like at the time of failure.

This will be a handy tool for ISVs, ASPs and enterprises that need to find and fix failures for C and C++ applications ASAP.

You can download a free 30-day trial version of the product at

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