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Quick Takes: Click on over

Quick Takes: Click on over

Microsoft launches Office 2000 SP-2

Wininformant Paul Thurrott got wind of this last summer; now that wind is blowing this way. Microsoft has launched its second Office 2000 update.

Office 2000 Service Pack 2 (SP-2) is live and ready for downloading on the OfficeUpdate and Office Resource Kit Web site.

A big difference between this version and SR1-a is SP2's "patch-only" status. That means Microsoft will not reissue the full product with certain fixes preinstalled.

Click over to Microsoft's Web site to download Office 2000 SP2.

Microsoft offers free trial of new Commerce Server

While you're in a downloading mood, you may want to help yourself to Microsoft's Commerce Server 2000. The software is now available in a free 120-day downloadable version. It's not coming to a store near you until later this month.

The server software provides the foundation on which businesses can build tailored solutions for online retail, supply-side business-to-business, e-marketplace applications and e-business analytical scenarios.

Commerce Server 2000 has some new stuff to strut. Look for systems that work together to deliver scalable user profiling and management and a high level of personalization.

But wait! There's more! An additional 20 built-in modules allow business managers to run and see analyses, conduct advertising, and create and manage products. The product catalog system manages products and services and allows the creation of custom catalogs and XML-based catalog interchange with trading partners.

Ready? Go to Microsoft's Web site for the free download.

Arula Systems introduces SecureConsoleSSL for Windows NT/2000 to remotely manage NT Servers

Arula Systems is getting more Windows-friendly by adding a solution to remotely manage NT servers. This solution is the newest bundle of joy in the Cupertino, Calif.-based company's family of SecureConsole products.

SecureConsoleSSL for Windows NT/2000 beefs up the SecureConsole line. The products are already managing Unix servers, firewalls, load balancers and other IT networking devices from HP, Sun, IBM and other manufacturers. Now it's time to add Microsoft to the fold.

SecureConsoleSSL for Windows NT/2000 enables immediate and secure console-level access from anywhere, anytime via any Web browser and delivers a high level of availability, security, interoperability, and scalability.

Heroix is helping out with the remote NT management needs.

Find out more about this product from Arula's and Heroix's Web sites.'s definition of SSL

Wise Solutions delivers support for Microsoft's .Net framework with installation tools

Talk about a wise decision! Canton, Mich.-based Wise Solutions, the wise ol' installer, is showing off some new additions to its toolbox tools for Microsoft's .Net framework.

The current release of Wise for Windows Installer, version 3, includes a template that allows developers to create installations for .Net applications.

Check out Wise's free resource kit at Wise's Web site. It includes links to information about the .Net framework and how it affects software installations.

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