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SystemSoft reselling Raxco Software's Personal Worksaver

SystemSoft is getting Personal. The Natick, Mass.-based company is now reselling Raxco Software's Personal WorkSaver for Windows.

Worksaver is an automatic file-backup utility for end-users that enables them to save their working files to any network storage device and to recover the files without having to bug a system administrator or help desk staff.

Personal WorkSaver's capability is especially handy for applications where information is being modified constantly, such as software development or accounting, or where multiple versions of documents undergoing revision are vital.

The product runs on Windows 2000, NT, Me, and 98/95. It's available right now at

TMSSequoia launches Prizm Color Image Processing C++ Toolkit

TMSSequoia is standing tall in Stillwater, OK and has this announcement: The Prizm Color Image Processing C++ toolkit is available. Please hold your applause until the end of the blurb.

This toolkit harnesses valuable information from color scans to align images, remove borders, drop and extract multiple colors, use color to sort and index, support color forms identification, registration and dropout, and provide image enhancement with Image Detergent technology.

That's a lot of work!

The five modules in the toolkit support 32-bit Windows operating systems, including Windows 2000.

Check out TMSSequoia's Web site for more information.

Perl now available for Visual Studio.Net

ActiveState actively states that it has released a beta version of Visual Perl. This little gem is a plug-in for Microsoft's Visual Studio.Net.

Visual Perl offers a full-featured integrated development environment that enables programmers to build software using the most popular open source programming language for development on the Internet.

Vancouver, BC-based ActiveState says VP is the perfect solution for programmers who are partial to Perl but want to code in a visual environment on Windows.

Some of Visual Perl's features include incremental search, multi-file search, code elision, breakpoint management, and a configurable source-code control interface assist programmers in developing code quickly.

Download your beta version at ActiveState's Web site.

New InstallShield Multi-Platform Edition products provide installation support for Windows

Look what's blowing out of the Windy City (well, Schaumburg): a triple play of multi-platform products from InstallShield.

InstallShield Express, InstallShield Professional and InstallShield Enterprise will expand the company's reach into the multi-platform world.

Multi-Platform Edition products provide developers with the capability to create one powerful and consistent application installation that works for Windows as well as Solaris and Linux.

Your shield is ready. Check out the company's Web site at

MicroEdge announces Visual SlickEdit v6.0 for Windows

MicroEdge, Inc. has added another tool to its multi-platform development toolshed.

The Apex, NC-based company has released a new version of Visual SlickEdit for Windows NT/2000/9x.

The product's Context Tagging adds new and improved support for C#, CFScript, JSP and Python. That's on top of support for C, C++, Java and Perl.

Learn more about Visual SlickEdit v6.0 at MicroEdge's Web site.

Codemesh updates JunC++ion Release 1 for Windows; JunC++ion makes Java and C++ work together

Codemesh has updated its JunC++ion Release 1 product to fix some minor software problems and to include new documentation.

Carlisle, Mass.-based Codemesh launched JunC++ion in order to Web-enable C++ programs, expand Enterprise JavaBeans environments to C++, integrate Java and C++ servers, and making Microsoft's Component Object Model more accessible from Java.

JunC++ion Release 1.0.1 is available now on Windows 2000, NT and 98. Visit Codemesh's Web site for more information.

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