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Quick Takes: Ready for Win2k

WQuinn releases SpaceMaXX SRM to empower IT departments to control storage

W. Quinn Associates' SpaceMaXX SRM is ready.

It's a family of storage resource management reporting tools for desktops, server-attached storage and networks and network-attached storage devices.

SpaceMaXX SRM is available for Windows NT/2000. SpaceMaXX SRM Professional runs on Windows NT/2000, 98, 95 and ME.

Check out a free trial version that's ready for downloading at

Van Dyke hits the mark with Windows server for Secure Shell

Van Dyke hasn't so much come out if its shell. The shell, rather, has come out of Van Dyke.

The Albuquerque, NM-based company has released the Vshell 1.0 server.

It's the first commercial SSH2 server for Windows NT and 2000.

You can download fully functional evaluation software from

Blue Wave Systems launches new release of FACT Telecom application management software

SearchWin2000 went on a fact-finding mission; here's what we found: Blue Wave has launched a new FACT integrated subsystem development tool and management environment.

This version of FACT supports Windows 2000. And that's no lie.

FACT provides a comprehensive software environment for managing DSP resources. That fact enables developers to harness their power without the need to program the on-board DSP or RISC processors.

FACT provides all the underlying technology, software and algorithms, which can shave up to 80 percent from the development time.

Read more at Blue Wave's Web site. Drop by and say "hi" next time you're in Carrollton, Texas.

Acta's new B2B Data Server now available for multiple operating platforms

Could this win the award for "best Acta?" Acta Technology's ActaWorks 4.4 is ready to go.

This fresh version of the enterprise data server embraces more platforms. Businesses running Windows 2000 can use 4.4 and partake of Acta's enhancements.

Get more information from the Mountain View, Calif.-based company's Web site at

HP announces Praesidium security products now available in integrated cross-platform solution

HP's big three Praesidium products for e-security are now integrated in a solution that should protect cross-platform corporate servers.

Those "big three" include HP Praesidium Virtualvault, Webenforcer and Domainguard, along with its Web performance management software Webqos.

All the products are now available to run on Windows 2000.

This integration means companies should be able to better secure their valuable technological infrastructure and provide better, safer and faster service to their customers.

Got to HP's Web site for more information.

New release of Java Virtual Machine from Tower offers Java 1.3 support

Tower Technology has released version 3.6 of its Java Virtual Machine for e-business applications.

3.6 sports better performance, scalability and support for Java 1.3. Migration is a breeze too.

Internal benchmarks show TowerJ 3.6 to be 25 to 30% faster than TowerJ 3.5. It will be ready for Windows 2000 in January 2001.

For more information, check out the Austin, TX-based company's Web site at

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