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Quick Takes: SOAPdish

Microsoft updates tools for building Web services with Visual Studio and Internet Explorer

As reported earlier in our news section, Microsoft has two new SOAP-related technologies to help developers build and use Web services.

The first tool is the beta release of the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit Version 2.0, which provides developers using Visual Studio 6.0 with rapid Web Services development capabilities for production-ready applications.

The final release of Version 2.0 will provide developers with the tools and technologies to deploy enterprise-scale applications with forward compatibility with the .Net platform.

Tool number two is Web Services Behavior for Internet Explorer browser software, which enables Web developers to aggregate Web Services from multiple Web pages.

Click here for the free downloads of these two tools.

Click here for the related news story.'s definition of SOAP.

OpenNetwork Technologies releases DirectorySmart for Microsoft Active Directory

OpenNetwork Technologies of Clearwater, Fla. makes secure e-business infrastructure software, and now they've got a new product for Active Directory.

DirectorySmart is the first highly integrated extranet access control software suite for Microsoft Active Directory. If your company is using Windows 2000, you can enjoy DirectorySmart's security infrastructure, which includes Web access control, authorization, and delegated user management functionality to manage access to e-business applications for millions of users.

DirectorySmart for Active Directory also provides companies with the migration capabilities to move user information from Windows NT to Windows 2000 Active Directory.

Check out for more information.

Mitel launches desktop applications for Palm Handhelds and Microsoft Exchange

Mitel Communications Systems is showing off its new IP telephony applications that integrate with Palm PDAs and Microsoft Exchange 2000.

Mitel's Impresa Personal Assistant integrates with Microsoft Exchange 2000, enabling callers to place, forward, and transfer calls from the Microsoft Outlook contacts database on their personal computer.

It also sports a GUI with a Windows link between Mitel SUPERSET 4025 IP telephones and a PC. The PC can then be used to dial, forward or transfer calls from Mitel's IP telephones.

Impresa Personal Assistant will be available in the first quarter of this year. Check out Mitel's Web site for more information.

CodeWeavers announces preview edition of CodeWeavers Wine for running Windows applications under Linux

CodeWeavers works hard in St. Paul, Minn. to develop Windows-to-Linux software. That work is bearing more fruit.

The Preview Edition of CodeWeavers Wine is available now. This is an open-source software converter that runs Windows applications on Linux and other Intel-based Unix platforms.

CodeWeavers Wine Preview Edition is the first version available for general public use. The final version 1.0, should be released sometime in the first half of 2001.

Download the Preview Edition free at

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