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Quick Takes: Lots of storage

Columbia Data Products licenses NAS data protection to Microsoft

Microsoft has decided to license Columbia Data Products' Persistent Storage Manager to OEMs offering Windows 2000-based server or storage appliances.

PSM will be included in the Microsoft Server Appliance Kit. PSM is designed to help your data sleep well at night and is tied tightly with the Windows 2000 Server Appliance Kit.

Find out more about PSM at CDP's Web site.

CommVault Galaxy Enterprise 2000 data and storage management suite receives Windows 2000 Server certification

CommVault Systems is very proud of its Galaxy Enterprise 2000 data and storage management suite. It has survived the obstacle course and has the logo to prove it. The suite is now a "Certified for Windows 2000 Server" application.

Deploying CommVault's critical infrastructure solution will help protect vital data within the Windows 2000 platform and Windows 2000-based business-critical applications.

Galaxy can also help make Windows 2000 migration a little easier. Check out the Oceanport, NJ-based company on the Web at

StorageCeNTral update supports Microsoft Active Directory

W. Quinn Associates of Reston, VA has updated its StorageCeNTral storage resource management suite for Windows NT/2000.

Version 4.1 build 457 is designed with increased scalability for large enterprise storage area networks and data center environments.

Just like the headline says, the product includes support for Active Directory and more than 20 other performance enhancements.

StorageCeNTral 4.1, build 457 will ship February 12th. Find out more at W. Quinn's Web site.

NTP Software releases System Sentinel 5.1

NTP Software's freshest version of System Sentinel is tolerant to a fault. The fault tolerance in 5.1 boasts redundancy built-in to its monitoring and alerting capabilities.

System Sentinel is a self-diagnosing and troubleshooting solution which pinpoints internal system and application problems or failures.

It also restarts failed applications and system services and is dedicated to real-time monitoring of Windows 2000 event logs.

The solution really keeps its eye out for potential DoS attacks.

There's much more info at Manchester, NH-based NTP's Web site. Click here to go there.

Alcatel launches Windows 2000 solution for secure VPNs

Alcatel has some news to tell. The company's Secure VPN Client for Windows 2000 is ready to protect some privacy.

The VPN client software is designed to interoperate with Alcatel's 7130 Secure VPN Gateways to secure communications between corporate offices and remote computers across all major Windows operating systems.

The product is one of the only Internet Protocol Security tunneling VPN clients available for use with Win2k.

For more information, visit Alcatel on the Internet:

OSA'S Netdeploy Global software management suite 5.5 available

Open Software Associates has announced that its new release of Netdeploy Global is ready to go.

Version 5.5 delivers unlimited scalability with SQL reporting, comprehensive bandwidth management features, and a new component, the SmartPull Distributor.

SmartPull Distributor provides quick server-to-server software distribution and automatically delivers inventory and status reports to the administrator's SQL database and HTML reporting system.

5.5 also supports mobile laptop users who connect from different locations, even across shoddy networks.

There's much more info at

Data Return deploys world's first clustered ASP.Net application

Data Return Corporation says it has done it -- successfully deployed and now manages the new site, including the production version of a new ASP.Net sample application.

Microsoft and Vertigo created the app. using pre-release C# code and the newest version of Visual Basic.Net. This is the first ASP.Net application to be deployed into a clustered environment.

Now developers can get an idea how the ASP.Net and the .Net Framework can be used to build either an Internet-portal or an intranet-portal application.

You can download the portal sample from the site, or run the portal online. All code contained in the IBuySpy portal download package is free for you to study or customize for your own applications.

There's more information at

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