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We're not giving up on MCSE just yet

searchWin2000 recently ran a poll asking readers, "Will you let your MCSE expire?" The response set our home page ablaze and set new records for voting. A total of 694 IT professionals responded to the question; 68% of them don't plan to let their MCSEs fall by the wayside.

One professional holding an MCP, Tom Michalak, isn't surprised that this is such a hot-button issue. He plans to study for another certification exam, but he said, "It seems to me that this will only help for a fixed amount of time."

Those professionals planning to keep their MCSEs and go for Windows 2000 certification numbered 247, amounting to 36% of respondents. Meanwhile, 32% of respondents -- 221 votes -- aren't going to let their certifications expire, but aren't in any rush to take the test.

"Having seen how this game is played, it would be logical that Microsoft will retire all Windows 2000 examinations in the not-so-far-off future," Michalak said.

In that vein, 23% of respondents, totaling 158 votes, have "had it with Microsoft" and plan to let their MCSEs expire. Sixty-eight respondents, or 10%, are also fed up with the Microsoft certification dance and plan to receive certification in Linux.

"I see more of a future in saving and investing to lessen my need for a paycheck from my employer," Michalak said.

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