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Quick Takes: Entrust you trust?

Entrust Technologies provides complete integration with Microsoft's Active Directory

Entrust Technologies wants your trust and your business. The company is working on its PKI 6.0 software for Windows NT. The product includes enhanced integration with Microsoft security framework and applications, including Active Directory and Windows 2000.

It will let customers deploy and automatically leverage Entrust's advanced key and certificate management features, in addition to using the advanced Windows 2000 management capabilities built into Active Directory.

Look for Entrust/PKI 6.0 to be available in the summer of 2001.

WebEx launches WebEx OnCall 2.0

WebEx Communications of San Jose, Calif. has rolled WebEx OnCall 2.0 out the door.

This is the latest version of the company's Web-based support service which allows support representatives to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix customer problems across multiple platforms through a standard browser.

The product works with Windows. Check out for more information.

Persistence PowerTier 6.5 for J2EE App Server upgrades to support broad range of platforms

Will using Persistence pay off? You decide. San Mateo, Calif.-based Persistence Software says a fresh version of PowerTier is ready.

PowerTier is an application server that lets you create modern, scalable and high-performance systems to meet current and future e-commerce needs. The new version, 6.5 for J2EE, now supports more platforms, including Windows, Unix and Linux.

Check out for more scoop.

InstantXML turns Java Apps into Web Services

Tradia, Inc. of Palo Alto, Calif. has done to XML what Taster's Choice did to coffee -- made it instant. Tradia's InstantXML is now available.

The product is a new developer software that automatically turns Java-based applications into Web services that can interoperate with other Internet platforms like .Net and Unix.

InstantXML is designed to help Java developers publish and consume Web services without requiring expertise in XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI, although the product fully supports these standards.

InstantXML is certified for Windows 2000 with JavaSoft JDK 1.3. A pilot program is in progress -- the product will be available to all developers in June 2001.

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