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Quick Takes: Leave it to the NetPros

NetPro announces DirectoryInsight

Need a little help planning, managing, and maintaining Active Directory? A little help from NetPro may be just what you need.

The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company will roll out DirectoryInsight. This insightful product delivers critical directory change information through a browser-based, graphical interface.

Hate tedium? DirectoryInsight eliminates the need to log changes manually by automating the change log and data collection process.

DirectoryInsight is in sight -- it should be out the door in late May. will have more information.

Quest Software upgrades Fastlane Activeroles

Quest Software was on a quest to leverage Active Directory's native features and scalability. The Irvine, Calif.-based company says the quest has yielded fruit.

That fruit is version 3 of FastLane ActiveRoles. This is the freshest version of Quest's Active Directory role-based administration solution.

Advanced administrators of Active Directory use FastLane ActiveRoles to perform role-based administration over the existing Domain and Organizational Unit Active Directory structure.

Version 3.0 will let administrators create alternative business views, which can consist of any combination of Active Directory objects. The administrator can also define and enforce corporate policies to keep directory data consistent across the enterprise.

The product is ready now. Check out for more information.

WQuinn introduces new volume pricing structure

W. Quinn Associates, Inc. of Reston, VA wants to give you a break.

The company has marked down its StorageCeNTral storage resource management software suite. A sweet discount!

The new volume purchase discounts will save your company dollar$, about 16%, if you're running ten or more Windows NT or 2000 servers.

Check out for more information.

Configuresoft renames its Windows 9x migrator product

Call it the Windows 9x Migration Planner now.

So what's in the new name? The Woodland Park, Colo.-based company believes a more accurate reflection of the product's role in the Windows 2000 migration process.

Windows 9x Migration Planner automates the process of finding and fixing hardware, software, and configuration issues before you take Windows 95/98 desktops and notebooks to Windows 2000.

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