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Anti-virus software for every occasion

Central Command's AntiVirus eXpert, a self-updating anti-virus software product, comes in different editions to fit a business' needs most accurately. It keeps watch over servers and desktops to stop viruses from infiltrating the network.

Viruses are moving targets, hard to hit because they're often designed to damage one particular type of business or software. That's why Medina, OH-based Central Command creates separate versions of its anti-virus software, tailoring each one to the security needs of specific vertical markets and/or applications. SearchWindowsManageability met with Steven Sundermeier, product manager for Central Command, to get the lowdown on the various AntiVirus eXpert products and how they protect enterprises.

searchWindowsManageability: What are the differences between the Enterprise Edition and Small Business Edition?

Central Command considers the small office package to be five to ten desktops/users. Enterprise, on the other hand, is considered 25 users and above. The differences between these two packages are that the Enterprise package includes the Enterprise Management Console, which allows an administrator to install, update, and upgrade the desktop anti-virus protection quickly and efficiently, from any location (being that it also incorporates WAP technology). Once deployed, the virus protection policies can be locked down to ensure the proper configuration is enabled on all desktops and proper security policies are in place to provide maximum protection at all times.

searchWindowsManageability: How involved do administrators have to be with the everyday workings of AntiVirus eXpert?

Once installed and configured to the needs of the administrator and his/her company's needs, there really isn't any maintenance required because updates and upgrades can be set to be automatically downloaded from the Internet -- from our server location -- and deployed throughout the network. Virus reports and tasks can also be configured to be done automatically.

searchWindowsManageability: Can you give an example of how AntiVirus eXpert protects against virus attacks?

AntiVirus eXpert protected users against the Anna Kournikova virus outbreak. The AntiVirus eXpert Scriptwall, a feature within, proactively stops users from opening an attachment (containing a virus) in Outlook. Also, AntiVirus eXpert offers live self-updates and monitors desktop usage when users are not around.

searchWindowsManageability: What's in store for the future of AntiVirus Expert?

We will be releasing a new version of AntiVirus eXpert, Version 6.1 in the next few weeks. Version 6.1 will now combine our powerful anti-virus software with a personal content filtering firewall. By incorporating components of a personal firewall, we are now able to provide our customers with extensive behavior blocking (monitoring Internet, registry, and file system activity), Internet filtering, Internet application control, content scanning, and privacy control. Version 6.1 will also have an easy-to-use and attractive flat-panel interface as well as real-time virus tracking, full e-mail application integration into all clients, advancements to the scanning engines, and improved heuristics. To the best of my knowledge, Central Command will be the only product on the market that incorporates all these features into a single product.

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