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Windows XP: The home stretch

Labor Day -- summer's over now, for real. Put the white bucks back in the closet, guys. And get ready for Windows XP.

Microsoft's new baby could be the kick in the seat the computer industry needs.

Its features could make "doing Windows" a lot easier.

It could tighten Microsoft's grip on the industry.

It could be Redmond's new playing piece in a game of monopoly.

It could get caught in the red tape of the antitrust case.

Windows XP could be so many things. One thing is for sure: XP isn't boring! The OS is controversial on many levels. A lot has been said and written about it over the last few months. SearchWin2000 has collected all the news, Web Links and advice we could find and put it in one place.

Read on, and be boned up on XP well before its scheduled October 25th release.

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