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Demystify backup success rates

Bocada Inc. announced its first monitoring tool, BackupReport, which analyzes and reports on the sucess of backups. Regardless of the storage device or OS in place, BackupReport provides companies with a consolidated, enterprise-sized view of critical data backup activity, according to Bocada's CEO.

Newcomer to the storage market, Bocada Inc., announced today its first backup monitoring tool, BackupReport.

BackupReport analyzes and reports on the success of backups run on multi-server backup environments, regardless of the storage device or OS in place. It provides companies with a consolidated, enterprise-wide view of critical data backup activity, said Mark Silverman, CEO of Bellevue, WA-based Bocada.

Whether enterprises run a storage area network (SAN), network-attached storage (NAS) or direct-attached storage (DAS), BackupReport can be deployed, said Silverman. Backup Report can be run with one or more of six storage applications on Windows, including Computer Associate's ARCserve, Hewlett-Packard's Omniback, Legato's NetWorker, Microsoft's NT Backup and VERITAS' NetBackup and BackupExec.

BackupReport shows how much data is being backed up per client, per server and overall. By keeping track of all backup actions, BackupReport helps users predict what storage needs will be over the next six months to two years, Silverman said.

BackupReport is comprised of three modules: diagnosis and reliability, trend analysis, and billing and compliance.

The diagnosis and reliability module allows administrators to see exactly where a backup has failed. Red demonstrates a failure and green signifies success. A red/green color means partial success. From reports, data can be copied into PowerPoint to make slide shows, said Liam Scanlan, Bocada vice president of product design.

One feature of the diagnosis and reliability module, Orphans Report, shows administrators clients that are not assigned to any backup servers, said Silverman. "They likely have never been backed up," he said.

The trend analysis, or backup resource management (BRM), module allows users to view backup statistics visually in graphical charts. The charts help users see storage utilization, which can help with predictive analysis.

The last module, billing and compliance, allows users to associate owners with given protected resources that are being backed up, said Scanlan. In the case of service providers that run BackupReport, the billing module allows them to bill customers automatically per backup.

The data BackupReport stores resides on a SQL Server, said Scanlan. The reporting interface was made to look like a Windows interface on purpose, he said, to make it intuitive.

BackupReport licensing fees start at $5,500 for the smallest installation and scale upward.


Bocada, Inc.

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