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NetIQ extends Microsoft Operations Manager to NT 4, Unix

Thirteen new NetIQ Extended Management Pack (XMP) products -- announced on Oct. 1 at Microsoft Exchange Conference 2001 in Orlando, FL -- promise to expand MOM 2000's cross-platform capabilities.

ORLANDO, FL - Thirteen could be a lucky number for users of Microsoft Operations Manager 2000, thanks to the availability this week of a baker's dozen of MOM extensions from San Jose, CA-based NetIQ Corp.

Thirteen new NetIQ Extended Management Pack (XMP) products -- announced on Oct. 1 at Microsoft Exchange Conference 2001 in Orlando, FL -- promise to expand MOM 2000's cross-platform capabilities in both Microsoft and non-Microsoft worlds. Looking to the future, NetIQ simultaneously announced the availability of beta versions of XMP for Solaris and Novell and plans to create MOM-extension solutions for Linux, HP-UX, and IBM AIX.

"Using XMP with MOM together fulfills the promise of being able to manage a heterogeneous enterprise from a single pane of glass," said David Giannini, NetIQ director of Unix products.

Microsoft Operations Manager and NetIQ go back a long way. NetIQ, an e-business infrastructure management and intelligence software vendor, developed Operations Manager and licensed it to Microsoft in October, 2000. Microsoft is in the business of selling and developing MOM today, while NetIQ's mission is to build on MOM's capabilities, said Giannini.

"MOM is the best solution for monitoring Windows 2000 applications," but it lacks full support for other Windows and non-Windows environments, said Michael Fodor, NetIQ senior product manager for Operations Management products. The new XMP tools will extend MOM 2000's ability to monitor Windows applications and platforms, such as Windows NT 4.0, and to manage non-Windows applications, such as Oracle databases. XMP will also facilitate the integration of MOM 2000 with other enterprise-level systems management products, such as Tivoli and HP OpenView.

Among the XMP offerings are tools for monitoring Oracle RDBMS, Web sites and services, antivirus applications, server hardware, Microsoft Windows NT 4 servers, and Microsoft applications on NT 4. New data analytics and reporting tools for Microsoft Windows 2000 servers and applications are included, as are integration tools for Tivoli, HP OpenView, and NetIQ's AppManager and End2End applications. Pricing of the XMP products varies, depending on the solution sets selected.

XMP's ability to take MOM beyond Windows 2000 attracted beta tester Ted Elhajj, chief consultant for Harrisburg, PA-based D&E Networks. MOM's inability to monitor NT 4.0 servers and applications posed a problem for the Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation, a D&E customer. "Without XMP, MOM couldn?t collect any performance data from NT 4," said Elhajj. "With XMP, it can."

Being able to extend MOM's monitoring reach to many applications was a bonus for Elhajj. "A bunch of XMP snap-ins allow us to monitor Exchange server, Oracle RDMS, SQL Server, and other apps," he said. "I was able to get everything I needed for a variety of applications."

Encouraging MOM to embrace Unix is next on NetIQ's agenda. "The large enterprise is usually a very mixed environment where large Unix deployments run side by side with Windows operating systems and applications," said Giannini. "XMP gives MOM the absolutely essential ability to manage large enterprises running many operating systems."

The Solaris and Novell XMP products should become available in the first quarter of 2002. A beta version of the Linux extension will be available by year-end 2001, and the HP-UX and IBM AIX beta versions will be released in the first half of 2002.


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