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Stickin' with IIS

Are you one of those folks who thinks IIS stands for "Incredibly Insecure Stuff"? Despite being the poster child for Microsoft's insecurity, IIS is AOK with most searchWin2000 readers who took our poll.

Could IIS be getting a bad rap?

Despite reams of IIS horror stories, a recent searchWin2000 poll found more than half of IIS users are actually pretty content with the Web server. That's probably a good thing -- changing Web servers is no trip to the beach.

About 44% of respondents said they've patched IIS, and it's fine. Eleven percent flat out dismissed the criticism of it. On the other hand, 21% had plans to ditch it while 14% were considering alternatives.

IIS users have a few alternatives, including open source Apache, Zeus and Sun Microsystems' iPlanet. But even a fairly small migration will take several months, maybe even a year, according to Bill Claybrook, an analyst with Aberdeen Group.

Yet Stamford, Conn.-based analyst firm Gartner Group has recommended companies that can't keep up with patches for IIS switch to other Web servers. Apache and iPlanet are not as vulnerable as IIS, Gartner said in its report.

A major migration hurdle is having to tweak or rewrite applications written in Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP). Sun is offering a discount on iPlanet for customers migrating from other platforms. Customers can get Sun Chili!Soft ASP for Windows Software at no charge. The product is a server-side scripting and runtime environment for the cross platform deployment of ASP Web sites and Web applications.

Recently, Covalent Technologies released Enterprise Ready Server, an Apache based product that offers better performance on Windows machines. ERS also offers a graphical tool for managing and deploying Web servers. "This addresses the fact that the migration of a Microsoft-IIS Web server to an alternative solution is a non-trivial task. ERS' graphical user interface means that a Windows system administrator doesn't have to face the challenge of using a command line interface," said Stacey Quandt, an associate analyst with Giga Information Group.


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