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Hitachi enters the Stratus-phere

NEC does it. Toshiba does it. Now Hitachi does it. Hitachi is the latest company to license Stratus' fault-tolerant Win2k servers.

Tolerant to a fault.

Japan-based Hitachi Ltd. is the latest company to license Stratus Technologies' Intel-based fault tolerant servers.

Stratus has announced that Hitachi will assimilate the Windows 2000 system's new line of continuously available servers, the HA8000-ft Series. The compact server, dubbed the HA8000-ft/100D, will be geared for companies that need a space-saving Windows 2000 server that never sleeps.

In addition to Hitachi, NEC and Toshiba resell Stratus servers. NEC is also a technology licensee.

Maynard, Mass.-based Stratus licenses its fault-tolerant technology for Windows 2000 computing under the "24-7 Technologies" brand, and it offers its own line of Intel-based servers through OEM agreements.

Stratus achieves its fault tolerance by combining specialized hardware, software availability, and built-in monitoring features. Each system has redundant parts that process the same instructions simultaneously. So a component failure wouldn't interrupt processing, lose data or hurt performance. Parts can also be replaced and reconfigured without taking the server offline.

The hardware takes advantage of the reliability and performance of Win2k with some additional software to keep the system running smoothly. Each system constantly monitors its own operation.


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