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SMSNomad brings Topaz mobile management features to SMS 2.0

SMSNomad promises to bring mobile management capabilities not found in Microsoft System Management Server now.

SMSNomad promises to give IT managers next generation Systems Management Server (SMS) quality software deployment. The product will be officially announced by London-based 1E LTD at the Microsoft Management Summit on Tuesday, April 30 in Las Vegas.

"SMSNomad brings previously unmanageable laptop systems into the fold for software distribution," said Phil Wilcock, CTO of 1E. It integrates with SMS to provide intelligent software deployment to mobile and remote users, he said. Topaz is the next generation of SMS 2.0, which will be released in beta later this summer. Microsoft is expected speak about Topaz's new functionalities, however, at MMS next week.

SMS expert Rod Trent believes that "SMSNomad gives companies Topaz functionality today." "SMSNomad gives SMS 2.0 environments checkpoint recovery, bandwidth throttling, configurable package size thresholds, and an additional level of disk space verification," said Trent, owner of "It also adds an extra level of package status reporting."

SMSNomad ensures software is delivered to a system even if the dial-up or network link is slow or prone to failure, Wilcock said. SMSNomad is able to deploy the software even on a slow connection by testing link speed and copying it. "If the link is lost, SMSNomad retries every 20 seconds until it comes back," he said. "It can cope with reboots in mid-copy, standby, hibernate or user logoff."

Anti-virus software and security patches can therefore be deployed to mobile laptop users. That function is difficult to achieve in SMS's current state, said Wilcock.

Because SMSNomad is a client side technology, it requires no server infrastructure, said Wilcock. It uses SMS's software distribution service.

SMSNomad is available for $12 per seat.

1E will be showcasing at MMS at booth 109.

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